Fire Safety Rules Revision Approved

To the members of Blue Ridge Estates HOA,

After a series of meetings, the Fire Safety Committee Working Group made up of some Board members and membership has completed work on revisions to our Rules and Regulations. The revisions have been made to better align our rules with Fire Safety best practices in our County and neighboring communities.   You can find a copy of the revised Rules here.

The BRE Board approved the revisions on December 14, 2020.  Key points for the changes include:

  • No dead standing rule adopted due to the extreme drought in an effort to further reduce fuel for fires.
  • Rules for raking, firewood and bark beetle issues that have not previously been addressed.
  • Inspection timeline added
  • Process for violations to gain compliance with the Rules & Regulations.



Published On: July 2nd, 2021 / Categories: BRE News /

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