STAGE I FIRE RESTRICTIONS (link to order here)

DESIGNATED AREA: Developed recreation sites such as (campgrounds and picnic areas)
that are maintained and administered by the Forest Service, shown on the current Forest visitor
maps, and are equipped with a permanent fire structures.
FIRE STRUCTURE: A permanent metal or concrete structure, which is specifically designed
for the purpose of containing a campfire or cooking fire that has been installed and maintained
by the Forest Service or equivalent.
STOVE FIRE: A fire built inside a fully enclosed metal stove, grill, or sheep herder type stove,
which is outfitted with a chimney that is at least five (5) feet in length and is equipped with a
spark arrestor consisting of a mesh screen with a screen opening of ¼ inch or less.

Published On: April 1st, 2021 / Categories: BRE News /

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